Is the private detective industry necessary?

Although our country law does not allow private detective, but, at the end of 2002, the state administration for industry and commerce trademark office to adjust the scope of classification of trademark registration, the original 42 class trademark goods and services to expand to 45 classes, which add allow class includes providing private bodyguards, detective company and wanted to investigate “security service”. In April 2002, the supreme people’s court enacted the provisions about the civil action evidence, in the judicial interpretation on “tripp” and “candid” evidence of effectiveness, ruled that all does not infringe others’ legitimate rights and interests, have no way to violate the provisions of the law prohibits sexual tripp, candid obtain evidence can also be as valid evidence in the court. This means tha徵信社t as long as civil investigation institutions “do not violate the general prohibitions of the law, do not infringe upon the legitimate rights and interests of others, do not violate social public interests and social ethics, audio and video recordings without the consent of the other party can also be used as evidence”. It can be seen that the new evidence rules, to a certain extent, provide conditions for the existence of private investigation institutions. “Private detective” appears because it has a certain market demand. For example, after the “divorce fault compensation principle” is added into the current marriage law, the no-fault party can claim damages after obtaining relevant evidence of the other party’s cheating, and the court can make a judgment in favor of the no-fault party. According to the principl婦幼徵信社e of “he who claims to prove the evidence” in the current civil procedure law, citizens should bear the burden of proof for their own requirements. However, ordinary citizens do not have the corresponding ability to investigate and collect evidence, and need the corresponding help from others. Private detective and other private investigation institutions are developed under this market demand. Legally, at present, “private detective” is still a profession that is not allowed in China. Because the investigation power involved by “private detective” is still the power exercised by the state specialized organs according to the current law, civil organizations cannot be involved. The current law on punishment for public security management clearly includes the ACTS of peeping, photographing, eavesdropping and spreadin婦幼徵信社BLOGg others’ privacy into the scope of administrative punishment. In the evidence rules of civil procedure of the Supreme People’s Court, the evidence of invasion of privacy cannot be used as the final case evidence. From this point of view, there is no legal basis for private detectives to engage in investigation, tracking, stalking and other activities. What is more worrying is that some local criminal forces also use the cloak of private detective, in the form of legal investigation companies, to do some illegal activities such as snooping on others’ privacy, which constitutes a violation of citizens’ right to privacy and reputation. The state should introduce laws and regulations on private detective as soon as possible to regulate the current behavior of detective investigation industry. To promote social harmony徵信社費用 and stability.

Private detective, drunk husband had a female neighbor

Private detective, drunk husband had a female neighbor. Last year, I found that the widow next door often told some dirty jokes to my husband, and every time we met there was a hint of leering, because of the lack of evidence, I do not want to find nothing to worry about, so continue to endure. It wasn’t until my husband didn’t come home last night and I turned off my cell phone that I felt the worst. A woman’s sixth thought informed me that her husband must be staying at the widow’s, so I got up early in the morning to look through my cat’s eyes. At about seven o ‘clock, I saw my husband walking on the catwalk from the neighbor’s house, I quickly sat down in the living room, when I heard the sound of my husband opening the door, as soon as I came in, I asked him not to return to me the night before. The husband is so say: last night and colleague drink very late, then go to KTV mad play, all drunk, in KTV and clothes sleep a rest. The facial expression of husband lie is calm, if be not my eye witness, affirmation can believe to be true, private detective this time, I can not contain any longer, hence growl way: why in 5 minutes ago, I see you from the neighbor widow house from the cat eye come out. Suddenly, my husband’s face pale, also know that I found everything, so confessed is drunk after the wrong door, on the wrong bed. Husband, said its true widow woman husband didn’t attack traffic accident, the female eyes at her husband to me, some time the husband go off work early, the woman will come to my house to chat for a while, occasional joke will sit my桃園徵信社推薦 husband thighs, occasionally touch my husband body, her husband was surprised and delighted, xi is free of fat don’t eat white don’t eat, is afraid can not control feelings I found. In those years, the husband still chose to tolerate and defend the fidelity of the marriage, but also did not fight against the titillation of the woman. The man calculate not equal to the day calculate, that woman’s husband had an accident, after this, that woman perhaps because of the body loneliness or have feelings to the husband, always take advantage of my not at home titillate husband. Their behaviour became so exaggerated that they failed to defend the last line of defence. My husband informed me that the woman in bed is very wild, very active, will use a variety of wrist to please her husband, for this, the husband had been unable to stop, even for make love addiction. Once, they in the beginning of time, the woman actually abet her husband and I divorce, the husband quit, think the woman is very terrible, for this beginning try to stay away, but every day still can receive the woman a lot of phone calls and text messages, for this, the husband did not know how to get rid of, directly affect the work mood. This is also the main reason why the husband has been drinking too much. Unfortunately, last night, he went to the wrong door in a state of confusion. Hearing what my husband said, I almost broke my heart. Since my husband and I got to know each other in college, our parents were satisfied when we got married, and our families got along very well after our marriage. I中壢徵信社推薦 never thought that cheating would happen in our marriage. My husband said that the woman was like a drug, which made him addicted, but he knew that the woman must be me. My husband confessed that he would present all the scenes with her in his mind when he was with me in make love, and even thought in his heart that it would be good if I was as rampant in bed as that woman, but I didn’t take the initiative at all. I say since so, I will help your rampant with the name of divorce, but the husband lives to live not to agree, the husband informs me, the person this lifetime besides male and female love, still have more element existence and curse will from now on and that female delimit line, also pull me to widow home to say clear. It seems so rough, but I don’t understand why men cheat outside the framework of love. Reply bo friend: the man make outside marriage sex of time, be rush affection and sexual love depart, because a lot of men can get off the bed hind chic of turn around, need not bear when, need not compunction. But about the woman inside marriage, husband’s body deviation is betrayal, and the woman outside marriage thinks the man that can go to bed with her is to love him, for this, steal fishy below the state of a kind of extreme abnormal condition covet, spread. In fact, after being caught by you, all your husband’s actions are real, that is to say, for you, other women are floating clouds this is his most objective and most sincere words. One thing that many women constantly fail to understand is why a man who keeps saying that he loves will attract a lot of women out of marriage in stages. As a man, I have also talked with men about this phenomenon, and my summary is as follows: 1. My children, other people’s wives. People of the world’s most difficult to replace feelings is affection, although a lot of time, there are many differences between parents and children and crowd out, but in point of 99% of the people to defend the family, with parents or children is not selected, lover can rotate, for this will be love with don’t find the lucky psychology in extramarital encounters. Two, the inertia of the new at work. Spread a word on river lake ‘brother is like arm, the wife is like dress’, if say the wife is close small cotton-padded jacket, so, the woman outside marriage is a fashionable outfit, taking the state of mind that love the new and be tired of old, outside marriage steal xing is not difficult to understand, the key is a man can be in key hour give up fashionable, but cannot leave close small cotton-padded jacket. Three, coquettish woman always let a man can not give up. Let’s say someone makes 1,000 a month and then suddenly makes 1,100 the next month. That person is happy. If someone makes $10,000 a month and $9,000 the next month, that person is unhappy. Private detective reminds when the man met unexpectedly outside marriage the woman that compares a wife to be able to operate room thing, affirmation can’t give up, for this, want to change husband to the miss of the woman outside marriage, that tries to be in oneself criterion according to keep under, appropriate academic ass新竹徵信社推薦ociation is open.

Private detective, how to talk about the husband looking for mistress?

MOL盈幣寶Husband outside affairs seek small three how to talk? The husband derailment, the wife want to seek small three to talk? Husband outside affairs seek small three how to talk? My husband and I had been married for seventeen years and our children were fifteen. We had been in a good relationship until the last two years, when I felt his coldness and suspected that he had another woman, but he denied it. I know he has a female partner in business, are closely linked to two people, who will be his telephone listing up, two people a day a lot of telephone messages, even one day 20 a few pieces of information, he often on a business trip with it, ask him work contact, always don’t admitLINK盈幣寶 has affair with this woman, until a few days ago, the girl ask me out, told me that they have one and a half years together, two people on the outside with in and out in the name of husband and wife, two people have already arranged that let me have the house money, they are ready to buy a house, just wait for my husband thinks appropriate opportunity for me. I went home, furious, and had a fight with him. Now very hesitation, do not know how to do, I still love her, do not want to leave her, but also very hate, do not want to let them feel better! Please help me pay attention everywhere!!! P.i. : if your husband does want to divorce you, I think you have to accept it. If you donLA盈幣寶‘t leave him, he and the woman really can’t achieve their purpose, but you can’t get happiness yourself, can you? With its three people painful entanglement, as you free and easy to leave, give them freedom, also give yourself a chance to regain happiness. And your husband will always feel indebted for it. This is a punishment for him. On the contrary, if you continue in this situation, his heart will gradually grow to hate you. Love has gone, so at least leave your pride and dignity. Stop talking to that woman, even if she comes to you again. Tell her that you and your husband will work things out on your own. It’s none of her business. Will be painful for a while, but guarding aHT盈幣寶n unfaithful person, is not also a greater pain? I think the first thing you have to do is find out why he fell in love with that woman. If you still love your husband, then don’t be hysterical to him, that can only be worse on your side! Many times affection can save a family! Also pay tribute to your usual appearance! Many women who are married and have been married for a long time do not pay much attention to their appearance, but men are often unable to resist temptation! Love the new and hate the old is a normal phenomenon! Want to let oneself life have new blood ceaselessly just can let him be full of interest to oneself forever! More considerate, more gentle, and is not tooETH盈幣寶 wronged yourself!

Private detective, my affair with strange women

影片教學專區Private detective, my affair with strange women. To this day, I still feel that my experience is like a dream, that a pale blue dress, that a happy night, the call of a low voice let me think of the whole body soft. When I first started working, I had a lot of energy. Perhaps is too much to work devotion, oversight cummer, until she put forward to break up, I just remembered, do not know how long the cummer does not sway beside me. I can not look at his girlfriend arm arm away, the heart suddenly empty. I had nowhere to go after work. I didn’t want to face the cold wall alone. It was at the bar called island lover that I met h盈幣寶-​Q&A問題er. That day, I drank a trance, see who are four eyes. I staggered out and bumped into a man. After that, I don’t know how I got home. All I know is that when I woke up, I thought I was dreaming about the smell of a piece of food at home. I opened my eyes and saw a real figure moving in the house. When I got up, I realized that I didn’t know this guy. Looking at my skeptical eyes, she smiled. “don’t think it was me who came here to hang on to you.” After she said, I just remember the things of yesterday. I was drunk yesterday. The person that bump into is her, I bump into a person after fall on the ground, conveniently also gr盈幣寶-價差合約分倉技巧asp of her take off not to open a body, still Shouting a woman’s name. She had to ask security to pick me up and she was forced to follow me home. I’ve been Shouting a name all night and holding her tight and not letting her go. She had to sleep here. In the morning, she made breakfast and waited for me. I happily ate breakfast to go to work, walk not forget to ask her 1: “do you still come in the evening?” “Do you want me to come? I nodded. I think I was fascinated by her faint smile. She came in the evening, her long pale blue dress making her slender body even taller. I looked at her wistfully until her face turned red. I d盈幣寶-價差合約操作思路on’t know what I did to her last night, but I can’t control myself today. P.i. I held her and stroked her breasts. She quivered quietly and kissed me back. Soon, I was overwhelmed. We fell on the bed. She’s tight underneath and makes me comfortable. There is a lot of fluid flowing out of her, which makes me very smooth. We wanton billow, she kept out a happy cry. This lasted all summer, and when autumn came, she didn’t show up for a few days. I thought she was busy. I tried to find her, but then I remembered that I didn’t even know where she was. I didn’t even have her phone number. So we parted, and she was like a pale blue d盈幣寶-新手價差合約心態ream in my memory.

Private detective, the schoolgirl threw herself at me

taiwan private detective台灣徵信社I know that there are a large number of schoolgirls who adore and even like me because of the individuality and excellence of the lectures; but a teacher who can bear the adoration of her pupils, and therefore apply it, seems to me mean. So I don’t have a lot to do with my current students. Su wen is my former student, once graduated work for a long time has been 29 years old, she works in a large Japanese capital company, but not like today’s ordinary small white collars like the city, she likes, is to study ancient myths, for this, she often to me this ancient literature teacher for advice. As soon as we asked for advice, we had to call each other frequently. Su wen often said that she had disturbed me, and then asked me to have dinner or coffee. taiwan detective台灣徵信社In practice, su wen is a typical man dream lover appearance, she reminds me, “the book of songs” in the water side of the woman, that is, she, so, when she said she disturbed me, she did not know, received her phone call and answer any of her questions, is my most favorite thing. She is a person who has no sense of direction. Every time she goes out, she basically does not recognize anything. She always clutches my arm tightly, as if without me, she has no backbone, and she will be lost in the glass of the city. Have to mention my wife, she is a French cosmetic company in Shanghai’s public relations manager, competent, high income, meticulous, proving that I often feel I am beside her is her “Mrs.” she is my “Sir”, she respect my knowledge, exteriorprivate detective台灣徵信社 appearance a few some dismiss my income. Su wen, on the other hand, could do very well in the company she started. She must have her talent. Besides, she was very meek and knew how to act petulantly. Wait to buy a sheet to sit on *** car cent, she can lean in my bosom like a kitten, the face is pressed in my chest, I hug her, have a normal man to wonderful woman’s hope, I want to kiss her, more can imagine this woman’s delicate skin has how elastic. I basic didn’t look at her, however, more can’t look straight into her eyes, because another voice prompt me, seven years, seven years Su Wen constantly regard me as her idol and flesh life mentor, if I were to move her, not only broke through a student to teacher’s respect and admiration, also destroyeprivate detectives台灣徵信社d the ethics laws, it really is gain and loss for me. So I just pat su wen, hope she had a good dream, can be in my arms. In April this year, I went to nanjing with Su Wen, she and I were invited to participate in an ancient literature seminar, on both sides of the shanghai-nanjing expressway, there are vast of oleander in full bloom, white pink, as in the wind, the car stopped on the way to rest, I went out of the car with Su Wen lounge, the two of us a cup of iced coffee, with two crowded with straw, head to head in a drinking cup, much like a couple close, but I know that we are not, we or two strains oleander is south in April, just, one pink, one white, I color of flowers blossom forever forever, This life we can only be like this, their fragraprivate detectives台灣徵信社nce, each other!

After my wife cheated on me, I intervened on instinct

比特幣現狀As a man, learned that his wife derailed, if the choice to turn a blind eye, that is a coward home, for this, after his wife derailed, I was in the instinct reaction to its interference, in exchange for is he let lover on my house, to me beat. I was the only child in the family, naturally doted on by my parents and grandparents, so that when I was an adult, I would be timid in doing things. My parents then instilled in me a kind of thought: to find a daughter-in-law to find shrewish, otherwise, easy to be bullied by outsiders. I met my wife at a friend’s party. Her “big sister” attitude quickly caught my eye. So I launched a fierce attack on my wife. When you are in love, at best, I have a good temper. At worst, I am just a pussy. It seems that I am a kind of gentle boy who 比特幣礦難的根源is easy to be liked by my parents, especially after meeting my in-laws, who urge me and my wife to get married earlier. After I got married, I had some disputes with my neighbors. I pushed my wife in front of others and became my umbrella. As a result, my wife began to be disappointed in me. At this time last year, wife unit changed new leadership, the other side belongs to muscular male, lustful. The wife knew that the man and several women at the same time to maintain sexual relations, still willing to do each other’s mistress. In this case, I began to insult my wife with dirty words. My wife still goes her own way. Finally, I was really angry, gave my wife two slap in the face, did not expect, the next day, she took my lover on my house, together with me. Really feel very如何獲得比特幣 wronged, but do not have the courage to divorce. Now, and my wife continued to cold war, the future of life is very confused. In every era, we need different heroes. As in wartime, the need for heroic heroes; As in peacetime, a hero of innovation is needed. The rest are cannon fodder. All living beings, we are one of the cannon fodder, why in peace for their own fear and self-abasement? Keep in mind that in this day and age, it is the roughs who solve problems by force. After living for so many years, do you really feel that you have suffered in life? Don’t. No matter what your wife says about you or your lack of commitment, you’re still who you are. According to reason, should cherish the other side between husband and wife is, but your wife not only betrayed marriage, and比特幣的特點 still look for lover to beat up to you violently together, so, such wife does not want worth mentioning. The reason why you don’t have the courage to divorce is not because you are timid, but because you don’t want to hurt your parents and children. However, you have neglected one thing, your wife is a bully and shy person. Even if you choose to forgive this time, your wife will be even more rampant waiting for you. What is true love? When a man cringes at some point, a woman is willing to walk in front of others as a tough woman. When you were attracted to your wife, what you didn’t want was her ‘big sister’ style. Everyone has an agenda when it comes to marriage. If your wife hasn’t been able to make you ‘agenda’ and has done so much to hurt you, why don’t you push yourse五個問答讓你秒懂區塊鏈原理及應用lf to divorce her?

Husband and ex-wife tangle, what should I do?

徵信社 評價We lived in the north for nearly ten years. In 2010, my husband was transferred to work in the south because of his work, and I went to the south with my children. Last year, after the house that the husband says to want to pay off the loan in the north, mortgage the house to the bank again, do a small loan company with loan and friend partnership. I asked some friends and said the economy was bad and some microcredit companies had gone out of business, so I didn’t agree. An occasional time in October this year, I know, the徵信社找人 husband had cheated on me, and his ex-wife to put our after getting married, buying a house is mortgaged to the bank, and got millions of loans from the bank, a private investigator is now set out to do small loan companies, the company’s registered capital is 100 million yuan, shareholders a total of eight, no my husband’s name, his ex-wife paid 30%, his ex-wife is the President of the company. After I know, ask husband why want to do so? Husband said, I forced him to do so, he last year and I do not agree with the, he just thought of such a method. He said that he had found four groups of people who wanted to run a small loan company in partnership, but either this or that would not work, and his ex-wife’s partnership to run a small loan company was also a choice without method, so I did not want to think more. The house that they mortgage gives a bank, it is me and husband marry 5 years later just buy, the money that buy a house is my husband, I did not offer, husband had confessed this thing. Legally, I’m a co-owner of the h台灣徵信社-什麼是徵信社ouse, but I wasn’t there, and the house was mortgaged. We lived in the north for nearly ten years before we came to work in the south. I asked him to end his partnership with his ex-wife. He said he couldn’t. He wanted me to get to know him. I also asked him to hold shares in the small loan company on his behalf. He said that he had signed a stock entrustment contract with two other people and did not want to be controlled by me. I am very disorder now, the tall person of tianya is very much, encounter this kind of thing, h徵信社私人調查找人尋人ow should I do???

My husband took advantage of my absence to have sex with my sister

最接近理想去中心化的公有鏈(Public Blockchain)My husband took advantage of my absence to have sex with my sister. My husband and I married for three years, very happy, he never let me do housework, the son was born, he kept beside me for two days and two nights did not blink. I continuously feel the husband is the most worthy of trust of man, but, let me how also can’t think of is, last year at the end of may a night, he unexpectedly while I am not at home, secretly climbed on my only 17 years old sister’s bed, sister was bullied by him, con以太坊(Ethereum)、以太幣與 DAppstantly dare not inform the family. I found a problem in my sister’s qq space. My sister finally told me the truth. I could hardly believe it was true. Sometimes a person is an extremely complex and uncertain animal, you don’t know when he will make what amazing measures to come, just like you constantly think very secure husband, but made such incredible and outrageous beast thing. In fact, if you really think about it, it’s normal, because humans have an animal side to them. Besides, is your un什麼是 ICO(首次貨幣發行)?derstanding of your husband thorough enough? In the home attack such scandal, really who encounter a headache, from the normal thinking, family ugliness should not be in public, in order to maintain your sister’s reputation, such a thing can not make public had better not make public, as far as possible the minor incident. But premise is, you must make clear the cause and effect of this thing, and your younger sister’s response now, as pressing danger, is to first comfort the mood of the younger 什麼是工作量證明(PoW)?sister, her hurt dissolve to the lowest, this thing is best not to let more people in the home know. Later, must not let his sister and alone contact, maintain the safety of his sister. Then track down your husband. Even if you don’t want to divorce him for it, don’t let him just blow off steam and let him know that he will eventually pay the price, whether he makes a mistake in the heat of the moment or intentionally takes advantage of the situation. Otherwise, he would not give up and return to礦工賺錢術 - PoS 跟 PoW 有什麼差別? his old habits.

Sharing a ride home was a night of terror by dastardly men

徵信社推薦Sharing a ride home was a night of terror by dastardly men. Home New Year’s day this year as online reports couldn’t get tickets, unable to estimate the holiday time, afraid to buy early fear boss deduct wages, and were afraid to buy delay home late opportunities, so keep wait until the last several days beginning the resolution time to buy a ticket home, originally is the Spring Festival, cattle rampant, railway ticketing network not to let a person collapse, direct cause I didn’t get the ticket, and his colleagues also match anxiously say after I heard that this thing must help idea. Finally get along the way is to find a meet acquaintances take a free ride home, due to large local colleagues are local, so don’t demand how laborious and came home, as long as I like this far away from home, far to the guilin woman compared to, private detective, b筆跡鑑定BLOGecause I dare not to colleagues, one thousand is not suitable for any is also difficult to account, finally very not easy to find a is guangxi acquaintances, but he is nanning, is a man, ask me lunch inconvenience when? I m not very willing to and a rusty man ride in a car, but think is going to be the New Year, is anxious to return home once lost wise, just don’t have much choice allows the reservation, I worried about this year to less than one thousand had bad years this is the number one event, I said it doesn’t matter, I believe you to my acquaintance introduced should be no problem, say that he is married, should not have fault. About demand more than 20 hours from Shanghai start tossing and turning, is similar to the train, but also is a very tired thing, the car space cannot activity is to let a person afflictive, loneliness is inevitable, 徵信社 收費also is a drive of a man with chat, unfortunately this man looks can not say that kind of special outgoing man, make I have bad meaning to seek a topic to talk, if I were old actively raising issues can appear I this woman degenerate SAO gas. The idea of the SAO gas is redundant, because want to rest, evening we don’t choose the way to find the hotel, that spending is too high, so had to put in the car seat flat managed to sleep a night, but this is the night attack let I was shocked, because the car parked in the service area, the car’s air conditioning open high temperature compare, arrived after midnight I was gently sweat, could not help but took off his clothes, this does not matter let friends and acquaintances misunderstood. He think I have any idea or how, suddenly beginning his hand through the yellow light slowly touch to me to come over,徵信社評價 suddenly a stream of warm current wafted to let my heart start to accelerate, is I’ve never been in love for many years, would have lost confidence in men, combined with the injury to my former boyfriend constantly to now is still not complete cure, so the pursuit of their male colleagues in the company very nausea and disdain, dream trance thought is a former boyfriend hand in touch. Suddenly be hot acquaintances is waking up to the male, my anger immediately start burst, just beginning to lose his temper under control as soon as, because I want a lift home must have sinned against the driver, while the obscene dirty men compare compare compare frowsty coquettish, but I still want to see in the male colleague’s sake to suppress my anger, when I get back to me must be a good punishment, woke up this night I dare not sleep to death, the scary night徵信社是什麼 let me sorrow.

What psychology is man stealing girl underwear

全新全球指數-盈幣寶A man stole 140 pieces of girl’s underwear. Recently, Taiwan police cracked the theft case together, arrested a man who specially stole female underwear, when the police took the man back to the *** house to look for stolen goods, the scene in front of everyone was shocked, the whole cabinet is stolen underwear, police almost suffocated. A 23-year-old man surnamed pan from Taiwan, who claimed to have neurotic syndrome, was detained by prosecutors three months ago for stealing underwear from women. He was taken to a rental house on fuxing road in taoyuan chung-li district, where he found 60 pieces of underwear and 80 pieces of underwear. He claimed to be taking advantag頂級風控 重重加密-盈幣寶e of the door is not closed, broke into Taiwan zhongyuan university around the theft of female college students underwear. Pan male will steal the female underwear, uniform treasure in the cabinet. Pan male was caught by the police, the scene confessed to stealing female underpants. Some net friend then laugh to say, you exactly is hit however which kind? Must make to steal girl underwear to appease myself, is really enough, do you intend to send my girlfriend? Comment on: the world is big, nothing strange! There are a lot of such reports on the news, almost without exception are men commit crimes, stealing women’s underwear pantyhose, the target of the crime has femal專業區塊鏈團隊-盈幣寶e residents in the community, have female employees in the factory, and female college students. What kind of psychology is this kind of man after all? Why do you like to steal women’s underwear? Is there something physically wrong? Actually, the psychology of this kind of man is not quite normal, say lightly, this is called fetish fetish, like the underwear panty silk socks that the woman wears, like the taste above, some abnormal male still like the sanitary towel that the woman used, and the high-heeled shoes that wear. To put it more seriously, that is a typical mental illness. This kind of man, the appearance looks and normal person is same, but the bottom of the 頂級投資 雄岸基金-盈幣寶heart is very nasty. Face this kind of man, prompt each female friend must keep your eyes open, prepare for. This kind of man even if married, have a wife and children, he still can’t control my desire, or continue to steal other women’s underwear underwear, the purpose is to vent his extreme contraction and abnormal desire. According to the news, the man had been detained for stealing female underwear before, but it was not expected that he would steal female college students underwear again soon, the number of up to 140, making people tongue-tied. Visible, he is a recidivism makes, repeat does not change, face so such man, our woman should contact them most, must kee盈幣寶Bingbon-臨時合約地址p away from far.